Classified Ads – Hay & Straw – August 26, 2015

DRY ANIMAL BEDDING, 100-110 CuYd. $600 plus freight. 260-341-8928

QUALITY HAY & STRAW. Delivered. All grades & bale sizes. 517-543-1642

BARLEY STRAW FOR ponds. R.W. Oates LLC Waldron, Mich 517-286-6241

DEMOTT FARMS TOP quality Straw for sale. 3x4x7. Stored inside.


DAIRY QUALITY HAY, large square bales, great for TMR. Also 3rd cutting balage for sale.
Call Kartes Dairy Farm

989-345-1795 or

DRY HAY & STRAW (large square bales) and barley for feed. 989-723-1886 or 989-277-1414

AA QUALITY HAY, 1/2 alfalfa, 1/2 grass, 4x5 net wrap, stored inside. 1st cut $50, 2nd & 3rd $60, Straw $25. Quantity
discount over 30. Lapeer, MI. 810-667-9324

ORGANIC non-cert.round bales Orchard & Timothy mixed hay; Pure alfalfa. 2nd cut grass clover mixed. Never wet, stored inside. Ed Martin, Hartford, MI 269-370-8277

1ST CUTTING alfalfa/grass round bales. Net wrapped and roto chopped. No rain. Delivery available. Call for quote and feed

analysis. 989-685-2794

ALFALFA BALAGE, individually wrapped, dry alfalfa, grass & straw also available. Big squares, tested. Delivery available. 810-395-4968

NEW HAY, small squares, rounds, & big squares. Delivery available. 810-516-0146

BALEAGE & DRY HAY. Individual wrap.
4x4 rounds. Delivery available. Call for pricing. 734-216-9702

1ST CUTTING, BIG squares or round bales. $160 a ton. Delivery available. Contact Jeremy 989-240-2267

DRY WHEAT STRAW, Also dry hay for sale. 989-205-7553


4X5 round bales, 1st cutting, net wrapped, stored inside on pallets. Delivery available. 734-428-8178

Clean Wheat Straw
suitable for dairy,
mushroom &
strawberry farms. Net wrap 4x5 round bales. Kept inside, Large big square & small squares.
Delivery semi loads.
Custom Drop Deck Hauling available.
Prompt Service.
Southeast Michigan
leading supplier of
construction straw.

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